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Updated: Apr 22

Recently, Paper Bridges opened positions for their international executive team, offering high school and college students the opportunity to join. Paper Bridges is looking for individuals with diverse interests and a dedication for improving their community. Executive team members gain leadership experience while working alongside other students from around the world to cultivate a positive impact on vulnerable youth.

Paper Bridges is an organization that is committed to helping orphans, children in foster care and other vulnerable youth around the world. According to Rebecca Huang, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of Paper Bridges, the mission of Paper Bridges is for students to support vulnerable youth. “We are an organization that tries to support foster youth and orphanages internationally through donations, through care packages and through letters and support,” Huang said.

The open positions for the executive team include Website Designer, Blog Writer, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Content Creator and International Program Coordinator. Most applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. The descriptions of each position and their corresponding applications are found on the Paper Bridges website.

Website Designer

Each of the open positions for the executive team entail different responsibilities. Website designers will understand Paper Bridges initiatives to restructure the website as necessary.

According to Emily Yuan, CEO and co-founder of Paper Bridges, when recruiting website designers she recommends applicants to have prior design experience and interest in the position.

Blog Writer

As a blog writer, individuals complete one blog per month and interview relevant persons pertaining to the article.

According to Paper Bridges blog writer Nohely Diaz, when applying for the blog writer position, applicants would benefit from having experience in research and writing in addition to being creative to present engaging article ideas.

Article topics range from the social circumstances of orphanages and foster care systems, to highlighting Paper Bridges’ accomplishments, to policy issues. When accepted onto the team, blog writers will choose a topic, also known as a “beat,” to write articles about. Each month, blog writers will be able to research and choose ideas for their article that fall under their chosen beat.

Diaz encourages people who care about issues regarding foster youth and orphans to apply for the blog writer position. “If that is something you are passionate about and want to write stories that highlight their experiences, then I think people who have that interest should definitely apply,” Diaz said.


The CFO collaborates with CEOs to develop and maintain an annual budget and manage finances across Paper Bridges chapters.

When recruiting a CFO, Emily Yuan is looking for an individual to lead projects, such as donor relations, fundraising, grant writing and general financial management. “We would love people who have past experience as a treasurer for an organization or have done partnerships [and] fundraising work in the past,” Yuan said.

Content Creator

As a content creator, individuals make social media content to further promote Paper Bridges mission initiatives. They should be comfortable using social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Kelly Yu looks for applicants who express creativity and observe social media trends when recruiting content creators.

International Program Coordinator

International program coordinators develop and manage Paper Bridges’ international partnerships with schools, organizations, nonprofit partners, businesses and other stakeholders.

“It would be preferable to have strong interpersonal communication, networking, outreach, and project coordination skills [and] experiences as the international program coordinator,” Paper Bridges Outreach Director Katie Yuan said.

Application Process

When applying to the executive team, applicants will go through two stages for the application process. The first stage requires applicants to fill out a questionnaire, which allows applicants to provide an overview of their interests and prior experiences. Depending on the applicants’ speed to develop and type responses, completing the form takes around ten to twenty-five minutes to complete. Around two to three days later, selected applicants will move on to the second stage of the application and receive an email to schedule for an interview. Interviews allow recruiters to learn more about the applicant and see if their personality and passions would thrive in the Paper Bridges’ team environment. Overall, the executive team application takes two to three weeks on average to officially be selected to join the team.

Advice for Applicants

Katie Yuan encourages passionate and dedicated students to apply to the executive team.

“If you don’t happen to have as extensive of leadership experience or outreach experience, don’t worry,” Yuan said. Yuan understands that everyone needs to start somewhere regardless of prior experience and leadership skills, so team members can help and provide necessary resources.

When accepting individuals on the executive team, Kelly Yu looks at an applicant's personality and commitment level.

“I am looking for people who are innovative and have initiative,” Yu said. “Although projects will be assigned to each member, we encourage everyone working at Paper Bridges to start their own Paper Bridges initiative. Compassion and the willingness to learn new things are both vital characteristics to our members as we strive to carry out the Paper Bridges mission.”

The Paper Bridges team encourages people who are passionate about Paper Bridges’ cause to apply for the executive team. It is also encouraged that people understand and meet the requirements of the position as well as being able to allocate appropriate time to the position when deciding to apply for the team. The time commitment for the executive team varies by position, but most team members spend around two to five hours attending meetings and completing outside responsibilities.

“The biggest mistake is people applying for the sake of their resume or not understanding what the position entails because it is a position that works with vulnerable kids and asks a lot of everyone on the board and everyone on the team,” Rebecca Huang said. “You don’t want to show that you don’t care about the position and not show that you’re invested.”

Apply Today

Whether already involved in their school’s Paper Bridges chapter or looking to become involved in the organization, Paper Bridges’ executive team provides the opportunity to be on the ground level to help lead the organization. The positions allow individuals to explore their interests and hone their leadership skills while helping to improve the lives of vulnerable youth.

“I think this is a great opportunity if you are looking to help out the community and make a positive impact, but also give a boost to your leadership experiences, your outreach experiences, and be on a team of really passionate individuals,” Katie Yuan said.

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