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Letter writing projects are a great way to bring the community together to support orphans and brighten their day. All you need for a project is a group of people and some creativity! The steps are simple:

1. Find a Group

This can be any group of people interested in brightening up an orphan's day – friends, family, peers, coworkers, your community group, and more!

2. Get Paired

Fill out our orphanage pairing form to get matched with an orphanage to write to.

3. Write

You can write about anything! For ideas and tips, see the form above, or take a look at some sample letters that were submitted.

4. Collect Letters and Send

Collect the letters your group wrote and send them in! There are two ways to submit letters: you can scan them and email them to, where we will either pass them along digitally or print and mail, or mail the letters directly to the orphanage address provided.

5. Share!

Thank you for your amazing work in brightening an orphan's day! We love to see the community work together to create positive community change. Post your project on Instagram or Facebook, tag us @paper.bridges, and we'll include it in our weekly features!