Start a


1. Find a Group

This can be any group of people interested in brightening up an orphan's day – friends, family, peers, coworkers, and more!

2. Get Supplies

If you decide to handwrite the letters, all you need is paper and pens! If you want to go above and beyond, we would love for you to decorate the letters and include a photo of yourself so the orphan can see who wrote the letter. The letters can also be typed via the form on this page.
You can send us scanned copies of the letters to print, or contact us for mailing instructions.

3. Write!

You can write about anything! For ideas and tips, see the form above, or take a look at some sample letters that were submitted.

4. Send

Once you finish the letters, there are two ways of submitting them: you can type up the letters and send them in via our online form, where they will be printed out and sent, or you can mail the letters directly to an orphanage by requesting an orphanage pairing through our form!

5. Fill out the form

We always love to see the community work together to get help others! Fill out the form below with a little information about your project, and we will be happy to feature your project on our social media. We will also choose one project of the month, and the group with the best project will receive a shoutout and Paper Bridges bracelets!

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