Write a Letter

The letter can be in any language, and we would be happy to translate the letter into English if you would like. Please try to keep the language relatively simple and make the message between 100-500 words. 

You can either submit a digital letter or send us handwritten ones to the address below. Our team will handwrite and decorate each message submitted digitally! For mailed letters, please fill out the handwritten letter submission form.

Digital Letter submission

Thanks for submitting!







Be yourself!

Relate a little bit about yourself: Where are you from?  What do you do on a typical day?

Indicate interests: What ​are some of your hobbies? Favorite foods? Favorite sports?

Don't be afraid to be goofy! Tell a few jokes.

Give a few fun facts: What would you do with a free day? What do you think a "kernoofel" is?

Encourage! That's the whole purpose of the letter: to let orphans know there is someone looking out for them

Not sure what to write? Remember to BRIDGE!

Mail physical letters to:

Paper Bridges

P.O BOX 342321

Bethesda MD, 20827

Have a lot of letters to send? Fill out our orphanage pairing form to get matched with an orphanage!